Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hello everyone. I hope Christmas was a safe and enjoyable one for all. January here has been snowy and cold. I love winter. Today we awoke to an ice covered ground making it necessary to close the schools and delay many businesses. I plan to quilt, quilt, quilt today. The quilt presently in my frame is my son's quilt began 22 years ago while on bed rest before my son was born. I was confined for one month so everything was done from my bed, in my lap and by hand. I completed the top after he was born and it has only taken me 22 years to begin to actually begin quilting it. I will have it finished in the next few months and place it in my son's cedar chest of baby goodies.  You can see my quilting bee which is always helping to hold threads, needles, etc. at every quilting. My husband makes the quilt frames for sale, if anyone wishes to inquire about a purchase, please e-mail me at dixygrl@aol.com. It is 9:30 am so gotta say goodbye and head for the frame. With God's Love and Grace, have a wonderful day.